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Janelle Garcia
Janelle is a mother of three and wife of one. She has been the numero uno Inside Sales Rep since joining Designs Unlimited in 2007. Janelle acts as the in-house expert on domestic monetary policy, and really loves the show 'Doomsday Preppers.' She has been known to fall for firefighters in '84 Chevrolet S-10 pickups.
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Tina Brumleve
Scott and Tina started Designs Unlimited from their home in 2005. From the beginning, Tina's job description has moved from lovely production assistant/sales rep/accountant to sales and a greater focus on the future growth of the company. When not in the office, she is likely driving a child to or from a sporting event or spectating at said event.
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Scott Brumleve
Scott started printing and embroidering in the basement of their home while working days at a local printer. He was also the Art Department. He now heads up the Production Division. Cub & Hoosier fan - feel free to hold this against him. 
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Nancy Mette
Nancy graduated with a degree in Computer Science from U of I. Her & her husband Don have successfully raised 9 children. She was so good at raising kids, other people gave her their kids too. She left the child-care industry so that she could embroider, anåd no longer have to spend her days with petulant, immature, demanding humans. We showed her. Mrs. Mette has been the backbone of the Embroidery Department since she joined DUI in 2007.


Jenna Iannoni
Jenna joined the Designs Unlimited team at the tail end of 2015. She hails from a place called Bourbonnais (pronounced ber-BUN-ay, much like "I like may-O-nay on my sandwiches.) This is evidently somewhere in New Jersey; judging from her accent, unpronounceable surname that's a bunch of vowels with an "N" in the middle, and that she is a shorter, less calm version of Snooki. She claims to like volleyball, fishing, and her fee-ON-say. She works upfront, greeting customers, so please don't be scared of her.


Meagan Zerrusen
Meagan was another 2015 addition to the staff and the Inside Sales fold in particular. She is a native of Teutopolis, has been married since 2012 to a Teutopolis native, and currently has one child who is presumably from here too. Meagan enjoys/loathes a love/hate relationship with carbs/treadmills. She is very envious of Felicia because she is always going somewhere (Editor's Note: I have no idea what that means, but was asked to include it. So hopefully I didn't just activate a sleeper agent or something.)
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Lisa Foster
Ms. Foster is a nerd accountant here at Designs Unlimited. Lisa is another transplant. Born in Franklin Grove, Illinois, arriving here in 2009 by way of college and Rockford, Illinois. She enjoys friends and camping, and like any mom, her life revolves around her son born in 2015.





Deano Tull
Lonnie Tull, Jr. - or Deano - is an experienced screen-printer who joined our staff in the summer of 2015. He is too old to skateboard, but is still too young to be aware of this. He recently learned what pepper jack cheese was, but also confused the Rolling Stones with Journey, which should be a sackable offense.


Allen Poe
"Poe” mans our Shipping & Receiving Department and can pinch hit when the presses are swamped. He is also pursuing a music career. It’s a bluegrass band, we think, but we're uncertain.
Photo © Gary Stanfield


Katie Repking
Katie began her arduous journey in 2012. She job shadowed here as a design student wherein she was asked to slap the surface of a bucket of water 1,000 times in complete silence. She was then ordered to stand outside the front door for the next four years, contemplating what her life as a designer meant. She was forbade food, water, and love for that time until she was prepared to be molded into the creative juggernaut she is today. She has a husband and daughter, though, that she didn’t have when we first met her and we're confused as to how this happened.



Felicia Huber
Felicia joined our team in the summer of 2016, coming to us with many years of experience in the garment decoration industry. She has offered Nancy some much needed relief in the Embroidery Department and routinely assists/harasses Poe in Shipping & Receiving. Felicia is originally from Newton, and resides now in Elliotstown with husband Andy and their two sons. Against all odds, we manage everyday not to tell her “Bye” before she leaves because #mature.


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